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Reasons for Buying Fluconazole Over the Counter

Fungal infections normally occur on the skin and they are essentially the epitome on what poor hygiene, or lapse of it, can do to you.  Although not all fungal infections are contagious, meaning they can be passed through contact of materials that have recently been in contact with the infection itself, there are many cases wherein fungal infections are more of developed as opposed to getting infected by someone else.

For most superficial or skin-related fungal infection, you can treat it using the usual tried-and-tested antifungal creams you can buy in most pharmacies.  However, if the infection is not on the skin or perhaps it is a fungal skin infection that has gotten out of hand, then you will need to use fluconazole.  You cannot buy fluconazole over the counter as you will need to present a medical prescription to buy fluconazole over the counter.  When it comes to fungal infections, it is vital that you try to treat your infection as soon as possible before it further grows and spread.  However, if you do not have a medical prescription, buying fluconazole over the counter is usually out of the question as the drug is being strictly dispensed to only those with proper medical prescription.

The problem with not treating an infection much sooner is that it further grows, spreads, and develops.  What this means is that, instead of being able to treat the infection within just a few days of antifungal course treatment, you will actually require several more days of course prescription.  Not only is this more costly on your part, but it can also be a hassle, especially if the infection you develop is quite a repulsive one.  Since buying fluconazole over the counter is out the question, your best bet into getting to treat the infection you have developed and allowed to progress is to visit your doctor and have him take a look at your infection.

Getting a checkup is not a bad thing.  After all, it is likely that your doctor has better knowledge as to what type of infection it is that you have acquired and how you can more effectively treat it.  Although you may need to spend some just for a little checkup, keep in mind though that this checkup is what allows you to get a medical prescription so you can buy fluconazole over the counter by presenting your medical prescription. Continue reading