Buy Finasteride 1mg Online for Male Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness (MPB), androgenetic alopecia or male hair loss – whatever you call, it is basically the undesirable loss of hair that is affecting men all over the world.  This type of hair loss is actually the most common one that happens in the male populace.  At some point in a man’s life, they will be affected with some kind of thinning, falling or balding hair, and almost 50% of men are prone to this type of hair loss. Those who are plagued by this dilemma turn to many different cures, and one of them is finasteride 1mg online.

When you search for information regarding male pattern baldness, you will definitely come across finasteride 1mg online. Finasteride 1mg online information shall reveal to you that this type of medicine is the only medication that was approved by the USFDA that is effective against hair loss in men.

To understand how this product works, you must browse for finasteride 1mg online. From there, you will find out about finasteride 1mg online that it was actually first used as a drug mainly for treating patients diagnosed with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), otherwise known by non-medical people as an abnormally-enlarged prostate.  The dosage for this drug was actually 5 mg to be taken once per day.  Male patients who have undergone finasteride 5 mg therapy have noted a remarkable growth of hair and/or re-appearance of their hair that they thought will never grow back due to androgenetic alopecia.

You will find finasteride 1mg online pharmacies when you browse the Internet, and you will definitely notice that online pharmacies can offer you cheaper prices and awesome deals on finasteride 1mg online purchases as compared to local pharmacies or land-based drug stores.

To make sure that you are truly getting the right finasteride 1mg online, the brand name would be Propecia. If in doubt, you can always ask the online pharmacy’s support team or their online pharmacist just in case you want more information whilst buying their finasteride 1mg online. The brand name for the 5mg finasteride is Proscar, so make sure that you understand and you able to distinguish between the two to avoid making a mistake when taking drugs.  Normally, men with hair loss issues are recommended to take finasteride 1mg once a day for 3 months or until more benefits manifest.

Keep in mind that when you buy finasteride 1mg online, this product is not approved for children and women’s use.  Finasteride 1mg is strictly not for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects to the fetus.

If you are wondering about side effects on the use of finasteride 1mg, it is fortunate that there are no serious side effects at all, although the US FDA has mandated that the manufacturers add a warning to the label saying that 5a-reductase inhibitors such as this drug can lower PSA, which can actually mask prostate cancer development in those who are at risk of getting high-grade prostate cancer. Thus, it is important that men consult their doctor especially if they have had a past medical history concerning prostate issues.